Tuesday, March 31, 2009

4/8/09 Reading Response 3

"The more a man knows, the less he talks,"
(p. 61).
"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing," (Socrates).

1. Compare these two quotes. What messages are each of them sending?
2. Find another quote that projects a similar message and post it in your entry. You may not use the same quote as someone else! Explain how this quote connects with the previous quotes.
3. What does this quote mean in reference to your life or the lives of mankind?

Sample Entry Format
1. These two quotes are the same/similar/alike because __________________.
2. Another quote that sends the same main idea is, "_____________," (Author). This quote connects with the previous quotes because __________________.
3. For my life, this quote means ______________________________________.
3. This quote can apply to mankind by sending mankind the message to _____________________________. This would benefit mankind because ____________________________.


Andrew said...

1.these quotes are simalar because theyare both talking about how much a man knows. Whether or not he knows a lot.
2.It's pretty hard to be efficient without being obnoxious.  ~Kin Hubbard.this quote conects with the others because if you do not know a lot you talk more and more.
3.some people do not know as much as other ones. so the ones who know more get anoied acidentily.

kaitlynn said...

1. it's about how a man could know more or less but he knows somthing. the mesage is sending to people that every knows even if they know nothing they know something.
2.The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. (socrates) I think think this conects beacause they all are talking about if you know yourself, you have true wisdom.
I think this quote referes to life beacause everyone needs pride of knowing who you are but sadly most people do not know that. by kaitlynn saxe

Cindy827 said...

I agree with Andrew that it is talking about knowledge.

1. these quotes are simalar because I think is that they think that they know that much. T hey might know more deep inside them.

2.Another quote that is simalar is " The only good is knowledge and the evil is ignorance," Socrates. This connects to the other quotes because it connects with knowlegde.

3. It means to me that the good will have the good knowledge a person should have . On the other side the evil thinks its side is the one with knowledge but the good has the knowledge a Real person should have.This would benifit man kind because you need the good's knowledge because it will cause you to think good things you will do and it connects to the brain not to do bad things.

SamuelG said...

1.I agree with Andrew and Kaitlin that they both are about what a man knows, but I think they are missing the main point. I think the main point is they are both saying a man can always learn more. For example, in "The more a man knows, the less he talks," I think it means that the more learned a man is, the more he listens to learn more. Also, in "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing," I think it means that Socrates knows nothing compared to the billions of things he could learn. I also don't agree with Kaitlin that the message is even if someone knows nothing he knows something.

2."All men by nature desire knowledge," (Aristotle) I think it connects because it, also, is about learning more knowledge.

3. Andrew, I don't get your response at all. Can you please explain it to me? This quote can apply to mankind by sending mankind the message to seek knowledge. This would benefit mankind because there would be more wise people in the world.

Anonymous said...
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Noah9999999999999999 said...

I agree with cindy, andrew, and sammuel.
1.the two quotes kinda use the same idea. They both talk about knowlege. Quote one: I think this means he knows a lot of stuff but he can`t explain it, and usually people are belived only if the can explain.
E.G.1 In the movie "The Day After Tomorow" he trys to explain to the V.P. that terrible weather will happen and a new ice age will begin, but he has trouble telling them and many people around the world perish.Quote 2: I belive that Socrates is trying to say that out of all the stuff he needs to know he only Knows the basics.
3. Quote number 2 tells me that I need to always be listening becaues if I miss somethings in life i`m just going to be a sitting duck not under standi ng things.

Miss Bailin said...

Andrew-What conclusions can you make about how much a man knows based on these quotes? It is not just stating how much a man knows, it is making a powerful statement that goes beyond it. Keep digging! You're so close to a powerful idea.

Kaitlynn-Your second point is beautiful. I also agree with your third point. Do you have any suggestions for people to get to know who they are better? What kind of damage does it do to society when people do not know themselves?

Cindy-I like the quote you chose. What is ignorance? How can knowledge combat evil? What would one have to know?

Sammy-Bravo my young scholar! Excellent interpretation. You really grasped a deeper meaning. I like how you summarized other students' points and brilliantly expanded their thoughts. Great job extending the thinking of the group. I knew that this way a challenging question, but I also knew what insightful answers were capable from it. BRAVO!


Anonymous said...

(Comment)Kaitlynn I agree with you completely, but you kind of put it in a weird way.Im sure if you put it difrently than I would undestand more.

Q1.These two Quotes are similiar because they both talk about a man who is testing his knolage. as kaitlynn was trying to get across.

Q2.Another Quote that sends out this same idea is"silense is the key to knolage."It connects withwith the previous Quotes because it again talks about a man testing his knolage durring the silence of the room.

Q3.for my life this quote means that silence helps you learn.this quote can aply to mankind by sendingthe mesage to silence all but your thoughts.this would benifit mankind because as sammy stated "there would be smarter people"

kyle said...

1. these two quotes are alike because they both deal with knoledge and how to use it.
2. another quote that sends the same main idea is,"an old donkey knows more than a young colt" (perez). this quote connects with the previos quotes because the suddle donkey is quiker witted than the speedy not suddle colt.
3.for my life ,this quote means suddle people may work harder because they dont talk or be popular.
3. this quote can apply to mankind by sending mankind the message to not be as popular so you can work harder and be more educated. this would benefit mankind because if your suddler you have more time to work and the population would be more educated.

Leah Craver said...

1. I think the quotes both have something to do with knowledge or wisdom. I think they are both expressing that they know things in a different way. So they quote is just away to hide their different types of thinking and knowledge. 2. "The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." I think the three poems connect because they sound like the writers are all hiding the same thing and possibly the same knowledge or information. 3. I think that people who read this will get a message or an idea in their head saying don't hide your knowledge because without it you will feel no power that you have a special place in the world for you and your knowledge.

joey said...

They are alike because they both have something to do with knowlage and wisdom.

"better to stay silent and appear foolish than to open yourmouth and remove all dought"

It means to me that you can never speak to much

Adam said...

1. These quotes are similar because they both talk about how much a man knows and what he does if he knows a lot.

2. "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers". This quote relates to the other quotes because they explain about knowledge.

3. For my life this quote means that you dont have to do a lot of stuff to just have knowledge. But you have to learn a lot to get wisdom.


Clifton K. Baggett said...

1.It means that if you know something you don't have to a question to get the answer.
2.Listen more, talk less (Unknown).It connects to the other ones because they all mean that if you know something , you will not question.
3.That you will know more if you have listened and heard.

Kendra said...

1. these quotes are alike because they are both about how a man uses his wisdom.
2.There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. (Bertrand Russell) my quote connects with that above because it talks about mankind and their wisdom.
3.I think it means that you don't have to be smart to have pleasure.

tylerlythgoe said...

I think that the message the first quote is trying to send is a man does most of his talking asking questions and trying to figure out life, so if he already knows the answer he does not need to talk. For example, if a kid does not understand a question he asks about it, therefore, he talks. But if he knows the answer to the question he does not need to talk.
I think the second quote means that compared to everything there is to know in life, he knows very little. For example, know matter how much we know about the place we live in there is always more to learn.
Albert Einstein once said, "I know that Knowledge is not Wisdom." Just because we know something doesn't mean we really understand it. These quotes all connect because they talk about our ability to keep learning.