Monday, April 20, 2009

4/22/09 Reading Response 6

"I do not know everything though many things I understand," (A Wrinkle In Time). 

1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS (without reusing any of the words already in the quote) describe what this quote means to you. Please provide explanations while comparing and contrasting it with your own life. 


1. This quote means ______________________ because ________________________. This quote applies to my life by _________________________________________. Although it may apply to my life at times, here is how it does not apply to my life _____________________________________. 

Submitted and inspired by: Caprice M. on 4/20/09. 

4/21/09 Reading Response 5

1. What are the Mrs. W's?
    a. What is special about these characters?
    b. What do they add to the novel?
    c. Choose the Mrs. W's to be something else. Describe to us what you have chosen them to be             and explain how the novel would be different. BE SPECIFIC!!! I EXPECT
       QUALITY responses. That are WELL written. YOU MAY NOT HAVE THEM STAY THE
       SAME or have them be similar to what they already are. 

2. What is IT? What else could you make IT be and have the story stay mostly the same? Explain. 

Inspired and submitted by: Korbin S. on 4/20/09. 

4/20/09 Reading Response 4

"A line is not the shortest distance between two points," (A Wrinkle In Time). 

1. What does this quote mean in relation to the novel?
2. Do you think this quote makes sense in the math world? Why or why not?
3. When does/can this quote connect with something in your life or in the lives of mankind. Be specific and provide us with descriptive responses. 

Submitted by Sammy G. on 4/20/09