Monday, April 20, 2009

4/21/09 Reading Response 5

1. What are the Mrs. W's?
    a. What is special about these characters?
    b. What do they add to the novel?
    c. Choose the Mrs. W's to be something else. Describe to us what you have chosen them to be             and explain how the novel would be different. BE SPECIFIC!!! I EXPECT
       QUALITY responses. That are WELL written. YOU MAY NOT HAVE THEM STAY THE
       SAME or have them be similar to what they already are. 

2. What is IT? What else could you make IT be and have the story stay mostly the same? Explain. 

Inspired and submitted by: Korbin S. on 4/20/09. 


Clifton K. Baggett said...

1.a.They are all stars
b.Because without them they never would have started their journey
c.I would have them as voices from nowhere that don't have a body.
2.I would have IT be a menacing wolf and the story would only change by IT being able to move around.

Andrew said...

1.They are not only stars but also shape shifters.
a.They lead them on a journey and are very wise.
b.They would not have even found the courage to even start the journey and save there father.
c.I would chose them to be a factor of there imagination.
2.IT is a giant brain. I would chose IT to be a heart because it has a pulse.

Anonymous said...

Q1.The mrs.w's are wiches that can travel at the speed of light.They add more exitement to the novel. I would chose the mrs.W's to be dogs.The novel would be diffrent because than the mrs w's would have to comunicate with meg,charles,And calvin in a diffrent way.
Q2.It is a big brain.I would chose it to be a human like all the others on camazots and he would just have more power than the rest.

Cindy827 said...

1. They are Guardian Angles that can appear when you don't call them the W's but Guardian Angles. They add to the novel because they help the Murry fam and Calvin a lot too. I would choose Mrs. Whatsit to be Aunt Beast then Mrs. Whatsit would be nicer also. She would help a lot more and help more.

2.IT is a big gushy brain. I would choose him to be a face who orders anything he would be same because he just has a face attached to him.

tylerlythgoe said...

1. The three W's are Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whitch. Whats speciel about them is they are from a different planet and have speciel abilities. I think they add mysterius exitment. If the three W's were a type of animal it would be different because they would not talk and Meg, Charles, and Clvin would not know what they would have to do.

2. IT is a huge brain that keeps rythym in the town. If IT was a heart he could not walk ,talk,or breath like a brain couldnt and it would maintain a beat just like our hearts.

Kendra said...

1 and A I agree with Andrew in that the three W's are stars and shape shifters.

B they not only start the journey with the children they help them thought the novel

C I would choose for them to be to be ghosts of their ancestors. the novel because they would know more about the family history.

2 IT is a brain that hypnotizes and keeps the rhythm of the city. I would make IT a human because when I first thought of IT I thought IT was a human.

Leah Craver said...

1. I agree completely with Andrew but I also think that they are witches
a. They inspire and teach the children before the journey and during the journey. I also thought that it was cool when they reappeard at thge beasts house.
b. They add mystery and secrets to the story.
c. I think they should be a bird from god and from good spirits. I would allow them to talk normal like a human. It would change the novel a lot. Because they would have to meet in a different way. They would also have to travel a different way and they would be the size of a teridacto.
2. i would choose it to be a spirit because spirits go into people and can multiply.

joey said...

1.3 entietes from other places in the universe
a.they all have special powers
b.they add exitment
c.they would be time travelers from the futurecome to stop the dark thing and to change history and it would be differt because they would have tech from the future
2.IT is a huge brain.He could be a king being controlled by the dark thing to be an evil dictator

Sophia Barr said...

1. i think they are spirits which means they are mostly everything.

a. they have been stars which makes me wonder and it is very unusual.

b. they add thought, surprises and wonders.

c. i would choose them to be spirits of all kind but only good. they would change novel the because they wouldn't be around as much and they would have met meg, charles and their mother in a totally different way.

2. IT could be a heart that can't love because instead of a brain and pulses it would be a heart and heart beats. it would also kind of make the story more interesting because it would be a heart that can't love instead of a brain that can't love.

Adam said...

1.The three Mrs.W's are stars.

A.They can shape shift and can tesser.

B.They make the story mysterious and exciting.

C.I would choose the three Mrs.W's to be dogs and then if the three Mrs.W's were dogs then Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace wouldn't know what to do.

2.IT is a brain that controls a planet by making everybody on the planet be in rhythm. I would make IT a big giant patch of darkness like the black thing.

SamuelG said...

1. The Mrs. W's are guardian spirits.
a. It is special that they can shape-shift.
b. They add the part of the novel that introduces the children to and prepares them for their adventure.
c. The Mrs. W's can shape shift so anything I did would have to be alike to them as they were in the novel.

2. IT is a big brain. IT could be an evil wizard because wizards can control people too.

kyle said...

1.they are spirits who take shape of anything.
a. they give info to whats happening to the children and help them rescue father and stop IT.
b.they add the whole story if they werent there the kids wouldnt know even close to what was happening.
c.harry,herminey and ron they would fight with them and apperierate not tesser.they woulddefeat IT and the dark thing quikly with their magic and monsters. is a huge bulging could be a human with mind powers he could still controll people and rule cazamatoz.

by:kyle grace

kitri 5k said...

i loved this book!!