Tuesday, March 31, 2009

4/7/09 Reading Response 2

"When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightening, or in rain?" (p. 59).

1. What does this quote mean in the novel?
2. How many ways can you connect it with your life?
3. What does this quote mean to you?
4. How can you connect with the responses others have made?

Sample Entry Format
1. In A Wrinkle In Time this quote means__________________________________ because _________________________________.
2. I can connect it with my life in ______ ways. For example ________________________________.
3. This quote means to me _______________________________________ because _________________________________. 4. I can connect with ________ response because ________________. I also connect with _______________ response because _________________. _________is similar to mine in several ways such as ___________________.


Andrew said...

1.in the novel this quote means (when will we meet nextand in what kind of weather..
2.It connects with my life in 5 ways.For example if you meet a person that you like you may want to meet them again later.
3.when will we meet next and in what type of weather?
4.I cant answer the question because no one else has respnded.

Leah Craver said...

1. In the novel I think she is trying to see the children she just doesn't know how, when, and where to meet them if they do ever see each other. In thunder, lightening, or in rain?" I think Mrs.Whatsit just through it out meaning for the kids to get that it means " When, how, and will we meet again if we ever do.
2. The quote connects in my life many ways because I always want to see people or friends again. Then eventually I run into some of the people at unknown times and places.
3. When Mrs.Whatsit says "When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightening, or in rain?" When she says “In thunder, lightening, or in rain?" I think it means that they will some how meet each other in an unexpected place or time.

Cindy827 said...

Andrew, can you explain number one I didn't get that.

1. This quote in the story means that they shall meet whenever God chooses because if you need that person for just that time, you can get a possible chance of meeting.

2. Ican connect with it in my life in 2 ways. For example, you may love someone in which is not here. So, god if you are in deep need of that person he might set the plan for you to meet the person.

3. This quote means to me to beleive to meet a person in happiness then you can hav ea possiblity to see them.

4. Ican connect with Andrew because he is talking about something else but it can connect with happy or unpleasent weather.

Leah Craver said...

4. Cindy like how you phrased the words for question 1. I don't exactly get what you are saying so could you please explain it a little more so I could understand.

Miss Bailin said...

Andrew- Good start. I am a bit confused by your responses. 1) I need more details to further explain your point: characters, the scenario when it happened, how it might come into play later...etc. Also the way it is written is confusing. Please revise. 2) You said it connected to your life in five ways and you only listed one way. 3) Try to create more original answer. Think abstractly. You posted the example I said not to use in class. 4) Come back later and comment on someone else's posting. Keep it up!

Leah-I can see the potential in your thinking. What do you think rain, thunder, etc. can be representing in life if it is a metaphor? Think about that can see what you can come up with for a deeper answer.

Cindy-I truly adored your answer. It was very personal and showed your own beliefs in a way that is open-minded. I can see how you are processing the quote on a deeper level. I like how you said, "possible chance of meeting." You are thinking abstractly. Bravo!

Leah Craver said...

Thunder, rain and lighting are usally thought of as bad but in a way I think by what she said that if they do which I'm guessing they probally will is that they might actually meet in rain, thunder, lighting or all of the three combined.

Andrew said...

1.I found the quote in the book its on page 53.I thought about it and i think this is the answer.Where are we going? When are we going? What kind of weather will we have? Who are we going to meet there? said Mrs.who.
2. Make that 4 ways. You already know one.if you meetin your somebody family you may wonder when you will so them again. Some times when you are looking for somthing you may have to split up and wonder when you will see your group again.
4.I can connect with Cindys responce because you will meat when you meet. Also because you dont usually deside when you are going to meet somebody of choise.

kyle said...

1.in a wrinkle in time this quote means you can meet in any weather or at any place in the universe.
because you can also meet anyone anywhere and you can meet in any weather.
2.i can connect it with my life in 3 ways for example i met one of my best friends i met on a game and another californa and my pen pal is in india.
3.this quote means to me you can meet anyone or anything any where or in any weather because you can in spade or under water.
4. i can connect with andrews response because when will you meet again or where. andrews is similar to mine in sevral ways such as you will meet and where and when.

Kendra said...

1. In A Wrinkle In Time this quote means when shall we meet again and will it be happy sad or in between because unexpected things will happen.
2. I can connect it with my life in many ways. For example like Leah I always like to meet back up with old friends.
3. This quote means to me that you can meet someone in any type of weather.
4. I can connect with Kyle's response because we both think the same about number 3.

Leah Craver said...

Kendra I like number one a lot. Have you ever thought that they could meet at a bad time or place or even with feelings. (P.S next time say what could be bad,sad or in between.)

Anonymous said...

(comment)Leah I agree with you and kendra. Accept I kind of think that it could be put many diferent ways but you guys have a realy good example.

Q1.In a wrinkle in time I think this quote means that they will all meet eachother in a bad or sad situation.And we will make it through together and come out happy because eventualy thunder rain and lightening all end and out comes a beautiful rainbow and clear weather.

Q2.I can conect this in many ways with my life because in bad situatios my friends and i all get together and make it out happy.Like one time I was visiting california and there had been an earthQuake warning as soon as I got the news I called my friends We stayed oon the phone until It was safe. And when I got back the next day as I wewas driveing to my house I saw pretty rainbow in tye sky and I knew I would be safe forever.

Q3.This quote means to me that Everything bad ends up happy.(most of the time).

Q4.I can connect with andrews and kyles because they also have a good point.

SamuelG said...

1. I think in the novel it means "When shall we three meet again? in blankness, failure, or in peace? In a more detailed response, thunder would mean in a blank nothingness, lightning would mean in failure, when they were about to be destroyed, and rain would mean in a peaceful calm after a great thing had happened.

2. It could connect it with my life only 1 way. This way is: My cousin Shane lives in Chino Valley. We hardly ever get to see each other. We are always glad when we meet, no matter what the circumstances. For example, usually we meet when I go up to his house for fun. But once we met when my grandma was about to die, and his mother had come down to Phoenix to see her. They stayed here for a long time, but left after her funeral. This is an example of if we would meet again in sadness or happiness.

3. To me it means that friends can meet anytime-anyplace-anywhere.

4. I can't connect with anybody's answers yet I hope soon someone will post something I can connect with.

Cindy827 said...

Leah here's another example for mine.

Its is like ending up you need that special person at that time then if God chooses to let you then you might just see them.

Now do you get that Leah?

Adam said...

1. i think that it means that they will meet again but mrs. who is not really meaning what weather will they meet again in she is meaning where will they meet again

2.it connects with my life in 2 ways. one example is when you visit somebody you dont see everyday then you might wonder when you would see them again.

3. to me the quote means when will we meet again and where.

4. i can connect mine with sammy's because my i put about the same thing as he did on Q3.

joey said...

I think it means that wherever whenever youare we you will always meet again

kaitlynn said...

1.i think this conects with mrs.whasit being a star. so instead of like months days years ect. for her a thunder storm ,or rain like
2.when people ask what time they want to meet me somewhere my answer is simalar to the quote.
3.time can be explained in many ways.an exsample is we say a.m p.m it's the same thing as morning and night.
4.my commentis unusial so nobudy else said that yet.

tylerlythgoe said...
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tylerlythgoe said...

I think that this quote means that they will probably meet each other again when they are in troubled times. For examples, when they first met it was raining and they were in trouble of the black ting when they didn't even know it. This quote connects to my life because sometimes we are in trouble and don't know it until its on top of us.
It might also mean that they literally won't meet again until there's another storm of thunder, lightening, or rain. Meg and Mrs. Murray met Mrs. Whatsit in the rain. Maybe it was the storm that brought them together, so they won't meet again until there's more bad weather.
Most of the time I meet my cousins in winter it is snowing but I am still glad I got to see them.
My blog connects to Sammies blog because I'm always happy to see my family no matter what the circumstances are.

Leah Craver said...

Cindy I do get it thanks

Clifton K. Baggett said...

1.They do not know when or where they will meet agin.
2.You do not know when or where you will meet someone again.
3.That even if you have a set time and place to meet someone, you might see them in a different place and time before then.
4.Many people said close to the same thing that I said in #1.

Noah9999999999999999 said...

1.that they can meet in an weather at any time or place

Noah9999999999999999 said...

2.I can conect it in 2 different ways. 1:I met my freind Eric on a sunny day and met kyle on a windy one.

Noah9999999999999999 said...

2: I have freinds in India and freinds in america.

Noah9999999999999999 said...

3.that no matter what time date weather or season it is you can meet people

Noah9999999999999999 said...

4.i agree with kyle on question 1.

Sophia Barr said...

1. it means that Mrs.Who, Which and Whatsit are planning to meet again but they are figuring out in what type of weather should they meet in.

2. i can connect it 1 way. for example, it can connect with my life because sometimes i have to make disisions about what do to or where to go.

3. it means that you can go through thunder, lightning or rain just to see something or do something that is important or you can do something you believe in.

4. i can connect with Sammy's comment because i get what sammy means and it makes sense and it relates to my comment because my comment says that you can go through thunder, lightning or rain to do something important or you can do something you believe in.